Renin closet and room divider doors.

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ERIAS Home Designs, as part of the Renin company, has partnered with Hanley Wood University to offer the professional continuing education course, Interior Sliding Door Systems for Single Family, Mid-Rise and High-Rise Buildings. Intended for a construction industry audience, architects, interior designers and DIY devotees, this program discusses the benefits of sliding door technology as it applies to family homes, offices and multi-storey buildings such as apartments, condominiums and hotels. Ensure that your project is ADA compliant, installation is smooth, and all options considered, with the expertise gained from Renin’s 50 years of experience.

Architects & Designers

Sliding doors are increasingly specified in residential and commercial buildings for new construction and renovation enterprise. Get the Renin advantage, and stay current on the topic with our up-to-date online course offered through Hanley Wood University. American Institute of Architects (AIA) members benefit from credit reported to their official Records Office. Recognition may also apply to other associations; a printable HWU Certificate of Completion could, in some cases, be presented to prove the fulfilment of certain state licensing requirements.

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For new development, decoration or remodeling projects, the Renin family of companies has the resources for architectural and interior design firms need to deliver practical aesthetic design.

Download our online brochure to discuss interior sliding door options with your clients, shop Acme Systems & Hardware installation and repair kits online, choose from alluring wall décor mirrors for added value, or pursue on-trend continuing education credits made easy.

Explore the Renin Idea Book, a detailed design resource, to plan a personalized interior door project with discerning clientele. Written by Renin’s lead architects and interior designers, this free download gets you the practical information you require and the captivating selection customers want. Complement practical closet modernization with wall décor mirrors for every taste from ERIAS Home Designs.

Wholesale & Retail Distribution

ERIAS Home Designs belongs to the Renin family of businesses that also includes Acme Systems & Hardware and JJ Home Products. Renin, always striving for continued growth and innovation, was acquired by BBX Capital Corporation in November of 2013.

Renin provides high quality interior design solutions from its manufacturing and distribution centres in Brampton, Ontario, Tupelo, Mississippi, and London, England.

We serve RV and OEM wood door manufacturers, builders of high and low rise construction, and wholesale building product and millwork distributors, as well as specialty and “big box” warehouse locations.

ERIAS Home Designs products are available at fine home improvement retailers such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s and Home Hardware across Canada and the United States. Acme Systems & Hardware kits are also available online, here.

Customer Service

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff, are available for your call at 1-800-493-5263 to discuss the Renin and ERIAS catalogue of products.

RENIN Interior Door Systems and ACME Door Hardware Systems

Renin creates innovative, practical interior door products with a keen customer focus. ERIAS Home Designs, as part of the Renin group, manufactures and distributes mirrored unframed and framed sliding doors, bi-fold closet doors, and wall décor mirrors. Since inventing the mirrored sliding door in 1966 as Acme General, Renin has continued to develop practical, forward-thinking design for the North American and international markets.

The Renin Line of Products

Enhance the beauty and functionality of your home with custom interior doors by ERIAS Home Designs. Makers of quality mirrored sliding doors, ERIAS offers products that are easily installed, typically in less than one hour.

Bi-fold Closet Doors

The advantage of a bi-fold system is access to both sides of a closet space at any given time. Available in a variety of models and finishes, construction can include sturdy yet lightweight materials, reflective or tempered glass.

Sliding Closet Doors

Save floor space with smooth and efficient sliding door design. Maximize light and create the illusion of increased area with mirrored sliding closet doors from ERIAS Home Designs.

Simple Installation

Easy to install with minimal equipment, designer doors by ERIAS Home Designs can be enjoyed the same day you take them home.

ERIAS Mirrors

ERIAS Home Designs is the glass and mirror expert. Browse our beautiful, durable wall décor mirrors online and select from a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as original hanging and framing options.

ERIAS Wall Décor Mirror Applications

Quality Crafted Wall Décor

Mirrors from ERIAS Home Designs are made to last. Masterfully created with high-end float glass and a reinforced backing for safety, our wall décor mirrors offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their metal components.

A Variety of Stylish Options

ERIAS Home Designs offers a wide array of inventive wall décor mirror design. Ranging from oval, rectangular and swivel formats, with bevelled edges, with frames or without, ERIAS mirrors are performance crafted in a variety of finishes for endless possibilities.

Mirrored wall décor for bathrooms, bedrooms, living and dining areas, hallways, lofts and basements, these unique pieces reflect light, life and style.

Hanging Alternatives

Nail your mirror installation with ERIAS Home Designs.

For every mirror design, there is an ideal hanging system. Many of them, such as appropriate mounting clips, anchors and screws, are included with select wall mirrors for purchase. Most of our frameless mirrors come with an EZ clip, and often framed mirrors are equipped with a saw tooth or D-ringed hanger. More hanging solutions include Mirror Magic, J-Mold supports (included with some polished edge models), and two-sided mounting tape, sold separately.

For helpful advice on wall décor mirror installation and hanging accessory selection, visit the ERIAS Home Designs Resources.

Caring for Your ERIAS Wall Décor Mirror

To keep your ERIAS mirror looking its best, we recommend a simple regimen of gentle cleaning with weak, non-abrasive household solutions and a soft cloth or paper towel.

Remember that many commercial general cleaning products may contain acids, alkali and abrasives that may harm the integrity of delicate glass.

Keep the sparkle and not the spill-over—we recommend first applying cleaning solution to the cloth and to carefully dry mirror edges and backing to avoid trapped moisture.

Hanley Wood University

Architects, interior designers and Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts alike can benefit from Renin certification extended in conjunction with Hanley Wood University. Unlike other universities, HWU does not grant degrees, but is intended to serve the construction industry. Membership, courses and examinations are offered 100% free of charge.

Renin, the company of which ERIAS Home Designs is proudly a part, has joined with Hanley Wood University to offer the continuing education course, Interior Sliding Door Systems for Single Family, Mid-Rise and High-Rise Buildings. Discussion includes interior sliding door design options, installation and ADA compliance, as may be applicable to apartment and condominium residences, single family dwellings, and office towers.

AIA members who successfully finish the course qualify for credits sent directly to the association Records Office. Non-members may also print a Certificate of Completion for their files with a passing grade of 80% or higher. The course may be repeated as necessary, at no cost, until a favourable mark is achieved.

Conveniently offered on line and on your own time, Hanley Wood University courses are available for registration wherever minimal system requirements are met. As most HWU programs include audio, ensure that speakers are enabled for best results. Final exams begin automatically at the end of the course, so do not require a waiting period or travel to offsite examination facilities. Enrol, launch the program and write the exam on your own terms—streamlined for efficiency, it is possible to attain certification immediately after completion.

A password protected online dashboard can be used to track your progress and transcript; details regarding offered content, featured and trending topics as well as related sponsors are listed onsite. Classes which qualify for Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) credit are highlighted with a “Credits: 1 LU HSW” designation next to the program title.

Contact Renin for details about the course, register to try it free, or download our Renin Idea Book for inspiration. Create a complete interior design picture with accenting wall décor mirrors from ERIAS Home Designs. Bring to your client meetings and personal projects a broader technical understanding of the benefits, improved accessibility [including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance] and contemporary advancements of sliding door applications.

For more information about Hanley Wood University, its course offerings and sponsors, visit As seen in Architect, Concrete Construction, Builder, and remodeling magazines.