Mirror and Glass Experts

We create a wide range of mirrors that can be used for your different needs such as bathroom mirrors, sliding mirror doors, and mirror closet doors.

Sliding Framed Closet Doors

Erias Home Designs creates stunning sliding framed closet doors for your home.

Luxurious Bifold Closet Doors

Always creating products that you want, like our remarkable and creative glass doors, we can make your room or space that would have this door more modern and chic.

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Beautiful Crafted Doors, Wall Decor, Mirrors & Door Accessories

At Erias Home Designs, we offer a wide variety of mirror closet doors to fit your décor. Add dazzling full-length reflection to you room with no loss of floor space.

Since when did closet doors become a statement about your sense of style!

Nothing adds a brighter, more spacious appearance to your room than a quality built Erias Home Designs closet door.

  • Install it yourself in less than one hour
  • High quality, non-distorting mirrors
  • Safety-backed mirror minimizes distortion
  • Mirrors available with polished or beveled edges and decorative V-grooves
  • Twin wheel top guides and large bottom rollers provide ultra smooth opening and closing
  • Reversible bottom track installs on carpets or hard flooring
  • Jump-proof design keeps doors on track
  • Tested for over 100,000 open/close cycles or 25 years of normal use
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on all metal parts

Of facts worth knowing about Erias Home Designs products, two are key:

  1. First, we make a wide variety of products in various categories including designer doors and wall décor.
  2. Second, our products share certain characteristics regardless of the category they’re in. They’re well designed, well made, easy to install, affordably priced and often innovative in one way or another.

We invite you to take a look at our products and get in contact with us by calling 905-791-7930 or dropping by our design center at 110 Walker Drive in Brampton!